Website - Trust in Play


Hello everyone!

We just bought the domain name “ and are already in discussions with bend, one of the graphic designers that we (Goethe-Institut Athens) usually work with.

It would be great, if each one of you could share here some examples of websites that you like and think that their layout/ style/ structure would fit for our project too.


Hei Iris, great! If will be the “window facade” into Discourse, I can see how a very simple landing page should be enough, to avoid maintenance and updating tedious work.

Here are examples of how one of our collaborators does it: the latest find is that we can now connect the landing page to Discourse automatically - In fact, most of the text on the websites is from the platform (you put all the copy/texts in unlisted topics, and it automatically takes from it through APIs or a script built for those purposes).

The idea which I very much support is to have a simple 1 pager site, linking to our workspace and the students profiles - that way every person and their work are directly reachable :slight_smile:
What the sites are missing is a view of blogs (more editorialized game related content) which can also be developed. If you have questions, he’s @owen on and interestingly, he lives in Athens :-)) hope this helps? - for showing community profiles there! - for clean layout - for a community program similar to trust in play: where we were offering all sorts of perks and we needed to be clear as to what the invitation to participants was. - for the Edgeryders Academy - where we would advertise the webinars. See teaser trailers as a good idea!